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BKC-54121 - XD-15 Ceramic, ABEC-5 Bottom Bracket Bearing Kit para eje de 30mm y caja BB30

BKC-54121 - XD-15 Ceramic, ABEC-5 Bottom Bracket Bearing Kit para eje de 30mm y caja BB30

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BKC-54121 - XD-15 Ceramic-Hybrid, ABEC-5 Bottom Bracket Bearing Kit for 30mm cranksets with BB30 framesets

Enduro's top of the line BB bearing kit, we couple our XD-15 Ceramic-Hybrid, ABEC-5 bearings along with all of the necessary seals and spacers to complete a precise, professional installation.

An Enduro Bearings exclusive, our XD-15 Ceramic-Hybrid bearings combine corrosion-proof, cryogenically treated nitrogen steel races with Silicon Nitride Grade 3 ceramic balls in a proprietary process that results in the ultimate high performance bearing setup. The deep-groove design raceways allow for maximum sized Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls for for increased contact area and improved performance and longevity. 90% fill Kluber NBU52 grease only runs better and smoother with time and is highly resistant to being washed out. It is engineered to stick to the balls and continually be pulled back into the ball path where it is needed. The most impressive feature of XD-15 bearings is, unlike other bearings, they only get better with use. As the bearings wear-in, the balls actually make the races even smoother. So when compared to other ceramic-hybrid bearings on the market that claim speed and power advantages on day one, Enduro XD-15 bearings not only provide the same initial advantages on day one, but will get even faster and smoother with time and use.

Find out why Bike Radar reported the XD-15 "Hands down, the best bottom bracket we have ever tested". We are so sure that you will agree, that we offer an unlimited lifetime bearing and race warranty.

For the easiest removal and installation of this bearing kit, we recommend the BRT-002 30m x 42mm bearing tool. This tool allows you to quickly, remove and install bearings with a just few twists of the wrist.

The Enduro line of bearings are available in high-carbon chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, ceramic-hybrid and XD-15 with ceramic or stainless balls. Our bearings are always engineered with deepest groove races possible to accommodate the largest balls and feature dual-lip seals that ride in a micro-groove creating a full labyrinth to provide superior protection against the elements.

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